Hollyhock is a non-profit educational institute dedicated to personal, professional and organizational development that advances consciousness, connection and community toward solutions for a better future. An internationally renowned centre for learning and well-being, Hollyhock presents over 100 social learning programs and conferences on our Cortes Island campus, plus accessible, high impact programs in Vancouver. Our campus is the perfect setting for dreamy island holidays.

Hollyhock is Canada’s premier lifelong educational institution. Our programs provide high quality tools for you to rekindle purpose, build resiliency, and cultivate personal well-being, all contributing to long-term societal well-being.

Our spectacular natural setting on Cortes Island is an ideal backdrop for transformative experience. Being nestled in nature, assists us with a comfortable and safe environment. Connect deeply to like-minded people, exceptional teachers, and the natural world, enhancing your inner curiosity.

We gather revolutionary teachers and thinkers at the leading edge of human and organizational development, all intent on service to a better world, for an alchemical mix of higher learning. The Hollyhock curriculum includes subjects as diverse as wellness and wisdom practices, arts and culture, business and leadership development. Expert courses are taught in an open, interactive, accessible and fun environment.

Learning here is authentic and powerful. The ripple effect far exceeds the physical boundaries of this special place. Visit us to expand your mind and gain tools to broaden your impact, appreciating the natural beauty of our West Coast island home.