• The Clean Money Revolution is a necessary book for those who aim to lead the charge for a healthier and happier planet.
    — Foreword Reviews
  • ...recommended reading for current and future investors looking to align their investments with their values and contribute to a more just global economy.
    — Non Fiction Review Publishers Weekly
  • Solomon is working in what’s called, in the U.S., “the fourth sector – organizations that aren’t business, government, or nonprofits but that, like government and nonprofits, aim to make the world a better place.
    — The Unlikely Revolutionary Vancouver Magazine
  • passionate and persuasive
    — The Biggest Prosperity Opportunity in History: Joel Solomon on the ‘Clean Money Revolution’ Sustainable Brands
  • Beginning in the mid ‘90s, Renewal set out to prove that there is huge opportunity in making money while aligning with values and life purpose. “How much is enough?” and “What is our legacy contribution to the betterment of the whole?” became the central goals.
    The Guide to Sustainable Investment
  • ...the deeper meaning of money is that it is a representation of energy that we are actually exchanging. I think that money should be relational.
    — Visionaries of the Meaning Economy: Joel Solomon Social Venture Network
  • The family mythology has always been that I would die prematurely. Suddenly, the spell was broken. They were looking at a ghost.
    — The Social Network Vancouver Magazine
  • We need a dramatically different way to think about investment, which prioritizes long-term wellbeing for people and planet. There is more than enough money in the world to solve global issues like poverty and climate change.
    The Guide to Sustainable Investment
  • If you did a power diagram of all the green or social ventures in Vancouver, he’d be at the centre.
    — The Unlikely Revolutionary Vancouver Magazine

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