• The Clean Money Revolution is a necessary book for those who aim to lead the charge for a healthier and happier planet.
    — Foreword Reviews
  • ...recommended reading for current and future investors looking to align their investments with their values and contribute to a more just global economy.
    — Non Fiction Review Publishers Weekly
  • A Broader Inquiry For Deeper Meaning
    Rank & File
  • passionate and persuasive
    — The Biggest Prosperity Opportunity in History: Joel Solomon on the ‘Clean Money Revolution’ Sustainable Brands
  • Essential reading for anyone who wants to build a sustainable, profitable organization.
    Business in Vancouver
  • ...the deeper meaning of money is that it is a representation of energy that we are actually exchanging. I think that money should be relational.
    — Visionaries of the Meaning Economy: Joel Solomon Social Venture Network
  • The family mythology has always been that I would die prematurely. Suddenly, the spell was broken. They were looking at a ghost.
    — The Social Network Vancouver Magazine
  • We need a dramatically different way to think about investment, which prioritizes long-term wellbeing for people and planet. There is more than enough money in the world to solve global issues like poverty and climate change.
    The Guide to Sustainable Investment
  • The Clean Money Revolution is proof that the Serenity Prayer no longer applies to investing.
    The Juice Laundry

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