Talking Points for Joel Solomon

In an interview, Joel can speak to:

  • Why we need to reconsider the relationship between wealth and social change;
  • Why the next 20 years offers a remarkable opportunity for a systemic, long-term transformation;
  • How for-profit capital can be directed towards social and environmental change, impacting for good while still providing a return on investment;
  • The significant political and social shifts that can occur when wealth begins to be used for regeneration and social equality;
  • How his own story – from former years in politics to his career as a Nashville businessman – is interwoven throughout the book and impacts his approach to investing;
  • Advice and anecdotes from highly successful business leaders, including Don Shaffer, Danny Kennedy, Fran Seegull, Drummond Pike, Sallie Calhoun and Esther Park;
  • Examples of homegrown, successful Canadian businesses who have aligned their values with their business models for greater success;
  • Practical next steps for investors looking to join the clean money revolution.